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Cubs hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo is screwed

February 15, 2010

To be fair to the Sun-Times, they aren’t the only publication that has done this during the 2009-2010 off-season. But this in-depth feature profiling new Cubs hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo means he is pretty much F’ed.

Gordon Wittenmyer calls Jaramillo’s “the team’s top free-agent signing of the winter.” All is lost.

We are as pessimistic as it comes when discussing the future of the Cubs, but this is just the harsh truth for Rudy. One could call it a law of nature.

Don’t believe us? Look back at the last few “top free-agents” of the offseason for the Cubs.

Milton Bradley – Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do? Bradley went from being one of the premiere OBP guys in baseball to perhaps one of the biggest villains the Cubs have ever employed. Andy MacPhail is a close second.

Kosuke Fukudome – Silly name and an even sillier swing when he misses off-speed pitches. Fukudome hasn’t been a complete bust, but his league-average hitting numbers don’t match up with his massive contract.

Alfonso Soriano – Hoppy McHopperson went from being a legit MVP candidate with crapholes teams like the Rangers and Natinals to being more fragile and inconsistent than Kevin’s mom in the sack. FACE.

Jacque Jones – Do we really need to talk about this? No. In fact, it never happened.

So what was the common error with all these guys? Unreal expectations.

Both the Cubs and the media are guilty of this. They took the expectations for these guys and blew them way out of proportion.

Soriano was the next Andre Dawson. Fukudome was the next Ichiro. Milton Bradley was the missing piece of a championship lineup. None of these were fair expectations.

Now all of these guys are viewed as a disappointment in some regard due to their inability to reach the expectations that were sold to us. So let’s not get fooled again this year.

We’re sure Rudy is a gentleman and a scholar, but we’re not blowing our money on World Series tickets quite yet.

SIDEBAR: Second String Sports apologizes for the lack of content today. The Internet was down at the office for the past few days and we wouldn’t dare go to a coffee shop for free-wi and subject ourselves to being in the same room as a bunch of unemployed hippies. Tomorrow will be business as usual.

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  1. October 23, 2012 8:00 pm

    This man has no business being in professional sports, his father Tony is a professional drug dealer as well as his brother Richard and he has been raking in the proceeds right along with them and ruining lives!

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