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Brett Favre Retirement: Episode 3,592

August 4, 2010

Once again the worlds biggest asshole has struck.  Will he retire?  Won’t he retire?  How many press conferences will be held in order to discuss rumors about his retirement?  Who gives a shit?

So let’s say for shits and giggles that he does retire.  Where does that put the Bears in the NFC North?

This is entirely based on the story that Brett “I love having ESPN reporters on my front lawn” Favre is actually hanging it up.  Now I know the latest reports have him not making a decision yet but there’s not that much mystery in the division with him on the Vikings.  But shit gets crazy with Tavaris Jackson at QB for Minnesota!

The Packers are now easily at the top of the division with Favre out and some would consider them at the top even if Favre stays.  They’ve got a really well rounded defense with star players on all three levels.  Offensively, it’s all about Aaron Rodgers.  He played great last year even though he was knocked around more than pinata on Cinco de Mayo.  If Rodgers continues to improve and stays healthy then this team is (ughhhh) a series contender.

The Vikings go back to what they were 2 years ago.  They were a good team and can still win the division with Adrian Peterson and their stifling defense.  Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, their TE with the really hard name to spell, and Peterson make the offense pretty potent even with TJ at the helm.

The Lions are the Lions.  Even though they are much better than the 0-16 of 2 years ago they still are pretty bad.  I really think they had a great draft but even with Suh and Cal’s RB (whatever his name is) they are still really young and have a lot of holes.  If Stafford can continue to progress, this team can become really good in a couple of years.

Now to the team we all care about.  Da Bears.  This team clearly has the most question marks in the division.  The team went out and got a couple of big time free agents to fill out the defense not to mention the fact that Brian Urlacher is coming back.  The defense should be improved with Urlacher back, Peppers, and Harris.  However this team will rely 100% on Cutler and his ability to run the Martz offense.  If Cutler can run the Martz offense effectively, then this offense could be potent.  If he turns the ball over like last year, then we are F’d in the A.

With Favre gone, the Packers are the clear favorites and should run away with the division.   The Vikings defense should put them in contention but without a QB they will ultimately only be able to make it as a wild card.  The Bears need a lot of things to go right.  If they do then watch out, but it’s going to be a tough task.  The Lions are from Detroit and that really sucks for both the Lions and Detroit.

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  1. Kyle permalink*
    August 5, 2010 12:44 pm

    From Seth Meyes via Twitter: Favre will be announcing his decision in a month long special on ESPN called ESPN.

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